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Niice, the character designs were amusing, although I'm not sure what was going on on his face when he got the hand full of spikes, hahah
The final punchline was good, although I found the comedic timing to be a little slow.

As some mentioned, some music at the start would be a plus.

Nice little short!

Nice vintage vibe on this one!

A little story issue I had is that at first I couldn't tell that the cake on the calendar meant that it was Fiona's birthday (I only got that later reading your description), maybe something like a little close-up with a picture of Fiona near the cake would've helped to clarify that, since I think it's quite relevant to the story. Another technical bit, but I think many of the smear frames could be even shorter for added impact.

Just had those few comments, but overall nice work experimenting with different aspects of animation on this one!

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DelusionalGinger responds:

Thank you!! I'm definitely going to work on my visual storytelling for my next project, and I'm going to be a bit more thoughtful with my smears next time around. This was definitely a plunge into the unknown for me, and I appreciate the critique!

And great work coming up with the bug's unusual movements!, I especially liked the runcycle and how it inflated by breathing at the end.

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Nice introduction, it has a misterious atmosphere and the hand painted backgrounds were a neat addition!
I only had a little gameplay issue with the bird, where I had figured out what to do, but it took me a bit to figure out how to execute that action in particular, since the bird escapes depending on how you approach.

Even if the project is not continued, I'll be looking forward to further adventure projects!

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Nice arcade-style game, one could wish for a bit more of animation on the sheep, but design-wise, it's a fun timing game, I liked how the multiple 'velcro' platforms had varied types of movement which made for a good challenge climbing up; lateral movement is really limited, but it does help sometimes and it's also encouranging to rely more on a well timed jump.

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Niice, good job on one more fun and creatively desgined quiz!!
Even being familiar with the original quizes, It took me a while to figure out a few of them (the duck one was my favourite), also I liked that 'meta' question regarding the appeal of a 'Flash' (an actual .swf!) in late 2017.
I managed to reach the end; didn't figure out the last bit with the lights, but I'll be back!

Also, looking forward to the Halloween special (the question doesn't count!...or maybe it does...)...

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Splapp-me-do responds:

Thanks so much! Who knows... maybe a halloween special could happen!

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W00t!! looking back of these robot characters with the most upbeat moments it made me think of dynamic action sequences as they traverse through forgotten space stations!
My fav part is the break around 1:28, I get some kind of japanese vibe from it which works great with the theme of robots, and then I like how it gets back to the more serious central theme.
Glad to see it worked as inspiration! :)

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endKashika responds:

It was pretty much the melody of the [epic] part after the main melody, but in different context. Worked out nicely I guess.
Thanks for the review, really glad you dig it. :]

Coolibert!, really jumpy, and even a bit adventure-ish, I think it suits the creatures pretty well, specially those I made around that time :)

Good times!

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Wow great job keeping up with 150 episodes for 150 WEDNESDAYS!!
Nice to look back after a while and see the whole path one has taken and how projects morph and evolve.

I recall analyzing the Scatman song at some point, where I just checked out his story out of curiosity, and had a similar reaction, some unexpectedly inspirational origins. It's good to know the message keeps on going.

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rubberonion responds:

It was fascinating to learn and actually really inspiration once I learned that, glad to hear someone else arrived at that too! And thanks for the well-wishing... it's been an interesting and often times trying ordeal getting the show out there and my life has taken a lot of unspoken turns during its tenure so far - having something up this consistent for this long is a source of pride for me. Thanks for the comment!

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Coolibert design!!1

Niice it's great how you can still add some texture through pixel work :)
I'm not sure I recognize them but the 2nd one reminds me of a 'caqui'.

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maruki responds:

Thanks! The second one are two cashew fruits.

I was always confused about why Heatman was inside of a "cardboard box" (or at least that's what my first impression was). anyway, the limited palette is great!

IkaroKruz responds:

Actually he's kinda like a cigarette lighter, I guess. And thanks! :D

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