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This looks pretty cool! Both the stopmotion style and the surreal plot are quite intriguing, I'll look forward to the demo! :)

Woah this was pretty cool to watch!, my favourite segments were the vignettes with the tadpole growing up, and the B&W aesthetic is well executed. As some mentioned, under the right plot, it could evolve pretty well into (at least) a short film!

Awesome work!!
Pretty fun to watch and see how the different techniques merge into this prehistoric adventure, even if it wasn't always the most cohesive, I was pretty entertained expecting to see the next strange event. I was also surpised by the score, it did an excellent work tying the scenes together. Character designs were pretty unique, from the cavewomen to the monsters (big fan of the red creature with large square teeth!... those 'lava monkeys' (?) were creepy).

(I'm also a fan of your primitive rendition of the Newgrounds theme at the intro)

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Nice and simple 'arcade 'dodging" game, especially Home which, simple as it is, makes for a good challenge, sometimes having to take more risky mouse moves because you're running out of nearby 'logs'.
It's also appealing in terms of visuals, a good (and not so obvious) example of how to make a good use of simple shapes and colors .

Did the music inspire some of the game or was it more of a later fitting addition?

StuffedWombat responds:

thanks :D

I made the games & then spend some time looking for fitting music. :D

Neat Point'n Click!
I liked the artstyle and surreal scenery, which is pretty appropiated for such a variety of puzzles, the different mechanics and gadgets kept them fresh.
Some of my favourites were the one with the Medusa and the one with the Vampire (took me a bit to figure that one out!) on the latter stages a few were slightly overwhelming at first glance, but never too cryptic that I'd put it down.
Good job!

Neat demake!
I found it responsive and satisfying, but It does start out pretty relentless on the amount of obstacles thrown at the player, it made me wish that the jumping was a bit more similar to Ghouls n' Ghosts in that Leon could have had a slightly slower fall, as there are many obstacles where the window to get through was reaally narrow because of brief air-time.
That said, checkpoints were on point and it was a fun byte-sized challenge.

Gypopothomas responds:

Thanks! I'm gonna message with the jump a bit, it still doesn't work exactly as I want. I like GnG's fixed jump. No turning in the air. Hmm...

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Niice really energetic! Loops pretty well too :)

W00t!! looking back of these robot characters with the most upbeat moments it made me think of dynamic action sequences as they traverse through forgotten space stations!
My fav part is the break around 1:28, I get some kind of japanese vibe from it which works great with the theme of robots, and then I like how it gets back to the more serious central theme.
Glad to see it worked as inspiration! :)

endKmusic responds:

It was pretty much the melody of the [epic] part after the main melody, but in different context. Worked out nicely I guess.
Thanks for the review, really glad you dig it. :]

Coolibert!, really jumpy, and even a bit adventure-ish, I think it suits the creatures pretty well, specially those I made around that time :)

Good times!

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Fruit! that's a pretty unique palette, makes me think of an old cooking book page which got over-exposed to the sunlight, I liked how you repurposed the limited colors for the shadow on the bottom right cake.

Niiice good job addapting the game's pallete to this tall composition!
It's pretty cool to find some of the more unique elements from this game like the yoshi's doll, the shopkeeper (getting mad), people from Animal Village and how to forget the creepy "anti-Kirby".

Awesome designs!
That just reminded me, Wizzrobes are no joke, I played through the game not long ago and found level-6 to be surprisingly hard because of those guys.

Helloe! I'm a 2D Animator from Chile, and sometimes Game Developer (actually, Newgrounds got me into animation!) I post some personal cartoons and drawings every once in a while! Cheese and lizards are cool too. Bzzzztt!!

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