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Cartoon Network (micro)shorts! - Mantequillo

2017-07-12 16:00:08 by Butzbo

Hello Newgrounds!,
Time for a little (but also huge!) announcement!

Long-story short, on 2016, as part of the competitions of the Chilemonos Animation Festival (the biggest animation festival in Chile); I took part and won a pitching contest on new series for Cartoon Network LA. with a 'byte-sized' series called "Mantequillo"!!


/(You could translate it to 'butter kid' or something like that), it's based off some comics I had made for a chilean webcomic site called The Comic Fome (here's one (in spanish, though))

This led our small team to make two short pilot skits with this characters, as interstisials for the channel. For a while we weren't sure abut when and how it would become available (otherwise I would've made the announcement a long time ago!!!) But at last it's gone live on Cartoon Network LA (Latin America)! you should be able to watch it from the comfort of your device of choice as they also uploaded it on Youtube (see below).

It's reaally short and simple, but give it a watch! :)






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2017-07-12 19:22:47

shit dude that rules!


2017-07-12 19:48:02

CONGRATS!! You deserve it!!


2017-07-12 22:21:28

Wonderful news. Great job man and congratz!


2017-07-12 22:29:25

Fantastic stuff man!


2017-07-12 23:09:41

I knew from the moment I saw your first (well, the first..of yours that I saw, I mean) animation that you were going to get big somehow with it! Not surprising at all! Congrats, man.

Butzbo responds:

Woah thanks Monk3, that's awesome to know :)


2017-07-12 23:21:23

Felicitaciones, Butzbo. No tenía idea de que fueras chileno. Es fantástico que lo hayas conseguido. ¡Ojalá sigas así!

Butzbo responds:

Jejej, Gracias!, ya veremos cómo escala éste, pero si no, definitivamente vendrán otros proyectos animados.


2017-07-13 01:39:44



2017-07-13 08:43:46

you rock!


2017-07-13 12:30:21

That is awesome!!!


2017-07-13 15:19:10

That's great! I hope your show gets pick up!

Butzbo responds:

Thanks!, We're still waiting for general feedback to see if there's more interest from the Network, but the response has been good so far :)


2017-07-13 16:38:16

Ha! That is great. Congrats! You certainly deserve it. Your stuff is so unique and good.

Butzbo responds:

Thanks Noodge :)


2017-07-13 21:55:08

Well, these two mantequillo shorts are super cute. Awesome job butzbo and awesome job to your team mates as well.

Butzbo responds:

Thanks Lwyz!


2017-07-14 11:21:48

So happy for you! I feel like you've been this hidden gem for years now, it's long overdue that your work starts getting this sort of recognition!

Butzbo responds:

Wow Thanks Tom! we're still checking how this project may evolve over time, but for now it's amazing to finally have this small bit finally shown on the channel!


2017-07-25 22:12:17

I saw one of your shorts last night on Cartoon Network LAT. Kudos.

(Updated ) Butzbo responds:

Thanks!, curiously enough I've had a though time catching it myself, so it's awesome to know when someone catches it live, heh.


2017-07-27 18:21:19

This is so cool!!! Great job!

Butzbo responds:

Thanks Seven!


2017-09-08 03:55:43

This is awesome, congrats! :D


2017-10-01 07:31:28

Había visto 'Chicken Castle' y otro par tuyas hace algunos años y hace algunas semanas vi "Mantequillo: El cumpleaños" y me quedé de... ¿No había visto animaciones de la misma persona en Newgrounds?
Acabo de encontrar este post y confirmo mis sospechas. Tampoco tenía idea de que fueras Chileno. Hace unos años tuve el placer de conocer a Gabriel Osorio (director de Historia de un oso) que pasaba a mostrar su corto en México antes de ganarse el Oscar. Me da gusto saber noticias de animadores talentosos de allá.

Muchísimas felicidades. Tienes un estilo sobresaliente un sentido del humor muy simpático : D. Espero ver más cortitos de mantequillo.

Butzbo responds:

Wow, muchas gracias Atzu!!
Es genial saber que los hayas reconocido, y aparte, qué bueno tambien ver cómo se expande la animación a lo largo del continente, jeje :D