2017-05-21 20:17:21 by Butzbo

Hello Newgrounds!,

Time for a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT... (if you read the title, you know the "tl;dr", but anyway)...

My Dinomelt web demo will finally see a release date on Friday, June 2. The game has been 'complete' for some time (like 3 months!?), but testing bugs and balancing difficulty has been an important priority to avoid some of the post-launch brain meltdowns (or reduce them, at least...!).

Note that the version you'll be playing on NG, while not a 'DEMO' in its most common definition -it is a build which will feature a playable game from beginning to end- is still a 'compact' version of the larger and more fleshed out game (and story) I envision it to be if development continues (which I'll be considering depending of the interest and overall response). From now on I'll be refering to this build as the 'Web version' or 'Newgrounds version'.

Now this may seem like an unusual decision for a web release -I'll go into more detail on the motivations behind it in another post- but the main reason behind going through the work of making a game build which can be played completely as a short version of the story, was more related to the personal challenge of going through the whole learning process of developing a game "from beginning to end", connecting all of its elements.













While the Web version will certainly leave out a good bag of potential features, it was about time for a milestone in the process, and I'm pretty glad with how the current version is playing and the testers response has been great.

That said, STAY TUNED!, on June 2, a condensed subterranean clay adventure will invade your browser and brain-cells!

I wanted to narrow this one down to the anouncement, but when the game is finally up I'll be elaborating more on the development experience, motivations, and whatever you guys are curious about!

Also, you can now follow Dinomelt on it Facebook fanpage for more immediate updates!



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2017-05-21 21:55:00

It comes out on my birthday! I'm looking forward to it :)

Butzbo responds:

Great! Mine is actually on June 4, which really was my deadline to upload the web version for a less stressful birthday, heh!


2017-05-21 22:45:57

neat I want it now :<>

Butzbo responds:



2017-05-22 00:36:04

looking so good

Butzbo responds:

Thanks man! :)


2017-05-22 06:46:01

I'll be looking forward to this.
Also, I think it's a great idea putting out a complete game for free and then, depending on the reception, making an extended version with more stuff added.

Butzbo responds:

Yeah I usually get mixed responses "Why not jumping right away to something like 'Steam Greenlight' instead of a web release"?, and many other possibilities, but at the moment I'm more confident with the web version as a better way to get as much feedback as possible first.


2017-05-24 21:31:53

Damn, well I know what I'm doing all of June 2nd. Looking forward to it, always have been, and am very ready!


2017-05-31 13:30:56

Can not wait! I've been following your process and am so excited to play for myself.


2017-06-02 12:52:52

Thank you for the Birthday Present today is the day.