NATA: Breakfast, Flakes and Final Round!

2014-08-04 12:46:46 by Butzbo

Hello Newgrounders,

A while ago I actually missed the chance to mention my latest animated shorts for NATA'14 here.
So In case you're interested in some small notes on the process I'll use this text to elaborate a bit:

'Emergency Breakfast'
This was my short for Intermediate round; animated in 4 days: It was pretty fun to make (robotic characters were 1736035_140716936452_bostini.gifsurprisingly fun to animate in Frame-by-frame animation, somehow mixing "organic" and "mechanic" movements). I'm not sure if it was because of the 'robot' theme (or the thumbnail pic); but it had A LOT more reach than my other latest shorts (also it could stick in frontpage a bit more within robot day :) ).

The "story" could've been a bit more elaborated, but I was pretty glad with the results (and it also helped to try some new things for a short,like frame by frame "3d" rotations). 

At the end my opponent didn't upload anything, so I passed freely to the Pro round (it could've been a nice opportunity to make a stick fight or something).

'Dimensional Flakes' (a short about cereal; curiously another "breakfast" related animation)

Made for the Pro round: a bizarre and (really small) oddyssey into an unpredictable cereal-distorted dimension.

The process for this one was actually pretty insane; I could (barely) finish the animation, although at the same time, it's probably the most 'elaborated' thing I've made within just 3 days of animation.

Right: Three days; doing almost nothing else during the whole process (except for eating and sleeping a bit, so it's really not something I would actually recommend that much).

One of the few things that helped to finish in time was to keep the main character as simple as possible to avoid loosing too much time on his animations (in this case, one of the most time-consuming parts).

1736035_140716988671_teh.gifOn the process I was expecting to improve here on A LOT of things from my latest sumbissions (specially on the fbf animation, experiment with visual effects, sound and transitions) 
but I couldn't give it that much time; mostly because I had just finished design school last week (Hooray!) so I needed to stop making things for a brief moment). Also, it came with a 'creative block' in between which took a couple of days to get through and finally decide on what to make.

At the end I wasn't really satisfied with the results, while the idea was fun to execute and after all it was a "watchable" animation; it needed AT LEAST 2 or even more busy days of work to tweak everything properly and be an animation a worthy of the 'Pro-Round'. I'd say it needs a lot more work than all my previous Nata submissions so far.

Considering that, it was REALLY hard to know my chances on this round, specially considering the competition (which was pretty close (specially to Brewster's) on the final scores!).
At the end, while I still consider it an 'incomplete' work, it got a pretty nice response after all.

And, now: I'm at the Final Round against Stejk-Robot (who has made some pretty sick/amazing things on the last rounds) with the theme of : 

* Animate in the Style of Your Opponent *

Which is a surprisingly unexpecting and "chip-changing" theme; so, I guess the results are going to be pretty unusual/odd/hilarious for both cases.

AND that's it for today!
Tune in around Agoust 20 to see the outcome of this experimental final round! (hopefully I'll be able to step out of the comfort zone for a while)

(I hadn't realized how cool it's to write post with this new layout design)


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2014-08-04 15:24:26

Holy sh!t. 'Emergency Breakfast' was one of my favorite animations in the few past months and you spent only 4 days to get it done? :o I can't handle such efficiency. You definitelly deserve to be between the finalists, Butz. There's only one more to go now. Good luck!

Butzbo responds:

Great to know you liked that one!; Still, a bit of that was possible because the main character was this little robot I had been sketching for a while, so luckily I didn't spend that much time on the design of the characters.
Thanks for the encouragement! :D


2014-08-04 17:45:43

Crazy theme coming up haha! The results should be fun. Three days is sick by the way. You should really enlighten the community with your animation methods sometime. I'd love to know how you're capable of finishing such amazing animations within so little time.

Butzbo responds:

Yeah, I've been juggling for a while the possibility to make some sort of "tutorial" with a more personal approach, or at least in the form of animation tips regarding things I've been learning in both NATA contests so far.
Although this time luckily I have some more time, and I can't be sure about the process this time (considering I'll be trying to "emulate" Stejk), so I'm definitively starting as soon as possible, hahah!


2014-08-04 20:09:33

Oh, wow. I can't wait to see the results! This should be an interesting learning experience for everyone.

(Updated ) Butzbo responds:

Heheh; I couldn't agree more! :)


2014-08-07 07:00:36

I was really surprised by the final round theme, It'll be nice to see what you can do out of your comfort zone considering you have such a unique style.


2014-08-21 22:44:14

Really even though i want you to win, both of you are so good that just watching the animations is a win for ourselves. Also the numbers on these animations are crazy 3 to 4 days? you are on fire man!