UPDATE and SEVEN YEARS of Solar Burns!

2013-10-15 00:15:47 by Butzbo

HEY THERE Newgrounds humans, here's some micro-cosmic updates!

> A while ago I submitted the second installment of the 'Antenna Cheese Icon Pack', it came with some of the suggestions I got after the first one. For more FREE customization-ness.

> I just submited a small update to 'The Fish Tower' with some improvements on audio and animations, mostly to spread it a little more.
(Just in case, you can still watch the original version at the NATA's youtube channel)
I was hoping to "improve" a bit of the other NATA13 shorts aswell, but It may be more motivating to move on to another project.

>Also, expect a new LoopdeLoop this weekend!

IN OTHER NEWS, it turns out that a little while ago (last wednesday!) was the...SEVENTH year 'anniversary' of...actually the first flash 'short' I EVER submitted to the Flash Portal!

SOLAR BURN!!! (2006)

It's been a long time since that first flash; it may be fun (or horryfying) to watch just because of its quality, to compare with actual works and check its "voice-acting".
It would be surprising to see if someone who watched it back then is still around.

I rarely went back to work with those two little characters again, but I still think they have potential, so in the meantime, have a small conmemorative GIF (DOWN!).

I can definitively add that it's been a pretty productive cycle of animation improvement over these years. And a relevant part of that definitively comes from the GREAT feedback from the community that I certainly couldn't get from anywhere else.

SO have this small gif(t) as a microscopic THANKS for watching!
NOW go watch Solar burn again!
(Probably not)

UPDATE and SEVEN YEARS of Solar Burns!


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2013-10-15 01:12:07

Wow! That's Awesome.


2013-10-15 16:00:28

Still remember Solar Burn, thought it was quite novel. Your original characters had a lot of promise. I especially liked the one with the washing machine :)

Butzbo responds:

Heh, thanks; I've been constantly (I mean, since back then) considering the possibility of keeping some particular character(s) for a sort of 'series', although I've never been able to keep the same character for more than 2 or 3 animations, hehheh.


2013-10-16 15:19:22

I just liked the stream-of-consciousness approach/weirdness of those early works. People love vacations from reality, especially in their day-to-day lives, and well, you've got a legit talent for that!


2013-12-25 01:16:50

Merry Christmas, good sir!


2014-03-06 13:05:53

How's university been? You're more than halfway finished, yeah?

Any chance you'll make it up this way next month? You know, we would certainly make sure you're well fed and taken care of, while visiting :)

Butzbo responds:

Well I actually considered it, but making a short trip like that is still out of my reach for now. :I. Hopefully in another chance, even if not in the awesome actual NG HQ, hheh.

I'm actually in my last UNI year, which means some of the busiest times with the final proyect. Although I'm planning to make an update with recent things soon :)