Updates, NATA, and CHEESE from the future!

2013-07-13 23:25:11 by Butzbo

Hello humans (and robots!) from Newgrounds, time for some updates and...well what the title says.

Turns out I got beaten by the impressive work of Hikarian on NATA's Pro round (still for a really close score, a difference of 3.5 points!).
I knew that I had to give atleast a couple more days to the actual animation of my last entry (Electric Brain-Spaghetti) than with my second short ( 'The Fish Tower' ) to get a better chance at this round, which is something I couldn't properly accomplish with so many exam-filled burritos, but at least it was enough to finish it.
I actually wasn't too satisfied with the short when I uploaded it; I had to cut plenty of takes that otherwise could have helped to work with the short's consistency. But surprisingly it still had a really good response from the viewers at NG and the NATA judges!
So, considering the giant coffee cups, and all the multi-tasking madness involved in the making of my 3 entries, It was a blast entering NATA this year. For the most part It was a great 'excuse' to (finally) get back to make actual 'short animations' (last year I only made loops, which was an awesome practice, but they rarely had any kind of 'plot'), and it was also great getting to know the works and styles of so many animators on the site that I hadn't seen before.


SO, now that I don't have to make more deadline-squashed animations for a while, I can get (back) to some other projects!
I'm considering taking the time to 'properly finish' some NATA entries which (due to deadline difficulties) I never left to the level of completion I hoped. Just to have a 'finished version' I don't plan to "re-launch" them, though, since it's mostly animation tweaks and post-production. I'll begin with 'The Fish Tower' and see how it goes.

I've been making loops for the monthly (now bi-monthly) loop challenge at LoopdeLoop (the last one, with the theme of FOOD, that you can see right here, so you can expect more of these)

In other news, I uploaded a (oddly shaped) micro-sequence of watercolor-paintings for Robot Day.

And because why not, here's the (slowly updated but not forgotten) TUMBLR account!
ALSO, I'll upload a microscopic 'coolibert' thing as soon as I can make another news post!

Updates, NATA, and CHEESE from the future!


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2013-07-14 02:54:02

HEESE from the future!
3 hours ago by ButzboPrud
Updated 3 minutes ago

Butzbo responds:



2013-07-14 10:03:16

I think you should be in the finals because you still got a higher score than anyone in the other bracket. So, I'm really sorry about that, it doesn't seem quite fair for you :(

But anyway, keep animating, man! You've got a great style and your shorts and loops are fun to watch. I look forward to seeing your rereleased NATA videos!

(Updated ) Butzbo responds:

Thanks man!, Oh well; still it's kind of fun to think I (unofficially) got "third place" on the competition.
On the other hand it would have been pretty epic to go against you on the finals, but well I can tell it will be an absolutely epic final round anyway!


2013-08-12 01:01:00

Hey, you been here yet? http://www.twitter.com/NG_Artists
Sabtastic's been doing an awesome job with it!

(Updated ) Butzbo responds:

Cool; Just checking it now, I haven't got into twitter (yet), but this may be a motivation!


2013-08-15 22:32:00

Damn son, your Clock Day pic got FP'ed in record tiem!!1

Butzbo responds:

Hahah, yes, it was quite unexpected, but I guess there weren't too many CC pics on the Art Portal!