Micro-update-tastic (stopmotion)

2013-05-11 16:21:59 by Butzbo

Humans from Newgrounds:
Here's a (pretty small, though) stopmotion experiment I recorded by making 'substitution animation' (kind of like animating with videogame-sprites in "real-life", but not related to videogames at all, HUH), which I found worth trying every once in a while.
There isn't too much for the plot, but here's some pictures of the making of (LOOK DOWN!)

Also, getting to NATA's Novice round!, beginning the animation NOW and not in the very last three days of Flash endurance insanity like last time!

Micro-update-tastic (stopmotion)


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2013-05-11 16:26:58

your stop motion piece was cool as hell; looking forward to seeing what you do for novice round!

Should be a fun bracket.

(Updated ) Butzbo responds:

Thanks man!,
Same here, I'm really curious about the kind of stuff we will be seeing on this round, considering the different kind of challenge we got now'


2013-05-11 16:39:05

I'm not really a sucker of stop motion, but a friend of mine is, like, psyched about this stuff.

Thanks for providing me with a free gift I can give to him his birthday (:

Butzbo responds:

Hahah, good thing to know!


2013-05-11 22:06:22

I love how your submission looked. So charming

Butzbo responds:

Thanks Tyler!