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Helloe! I'm a 2D Animator from Chile, and sometimes Game Developer (actually, Newgrounds got me into animation!) I post some personal cartoons and drawings every once in a while! Cheese and lizards are cool too. Bzzzztt!!

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Animation updates! Wandering Cloudlings + FFVII!

Posted by Butzbo - 1 month ago

Hey Newgrounds!

Time for another update to elaborate more on my recent animated stuff if you're into that.

'Wandering Cloudlings'

Just released this 'chilling' sunset animation, this one began as a loopdeloop GIF from last year, which I really liked, so here it is a year later in a larger form! I asked my pal Moralo González to make a 'chilling' track to complement it, that's all I told him as I wanted him to take liberties doing his thing, and he ended up with this smooth -80s sounding as he described it- jam, you can find it here! https://moralogonzalez.bandcamp.com/


Similar to 'Dogs of the planet', it's another GIF which I ended up liking enough to want to expand on into a more elaborated piece. I've been liking this idea of making a fast animation test for a challenge/contest, and then later expand on them as larger projects. It was also a fun distraction to animate a bunch of different clouds-characters without worrying about making much sense.

FFVII COLLAB! 'Chocobo for 3'

I guess most NG folks are aware of this one already but I made a part for this massive collab! It's at 28:45 on the official collab, or here standalone on the Youtubes:

I have barely made any parody stuff, but as a long time Final Fantasy player (at least most of the first 10 mainline titles) I was excited to join in!! It took me a whiiile to decide on what to make because the game is massive with a lot of iconic characters, I had a few alt. ideas, like a spoof of the minigames of the Golden Saucer, and making fun of Sephiroth's Super Nova attack, but to make it more achievable I just decided to focus on a silly spoof with Chocobos, which I'm a fan of.

What happens to the rest of the party when Cloud rides a Chocobo, Do all 3 characters ride on it? do each of them get a Chocobo?, Or do they just get on Cloud's pocket? That was the starting idea, and I'm actually curious if the next part of the FFVII remake will answer that.

Shoutouts! to @frootlupin for helping out with voices, I was going to make it silent as more usual with my animations, but halfway through I realized voices could help push it a lot more, he did an awesome job with some expressive lines and also fun grunts and screams. Also shoutouts once again to my pal Moralo González on the music department with his remixes of a few themes.

And that's all for now! Funny how different these 2 projects are in comparison.

For curiosity and fun, it's cool to hear what NG folks think, Anything from these animations (or other of my works) you'd like to see more of?

Butzbo out!iu_172486_1736035.jpg



Comments (2)

Nice! The cloud animation reminds me of the ending to Dr. Mario where the viruses watch stuff float by to chill music. :-)

Ooh I never played enough Dr. Mario to see the ending, but just checked it out now, it's a pretty similar tone, especially with the random creatures floating around, hahah!

Nice owo