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Helloe! I'm a 2D Animator from Chile, and sometimes Game Developer (actually, Newgrounds got me into animation!) I post some personal cartoons and drawings every once in a while! Cheese and lizards are cool too. Bzzzztt!!

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'Dogs of the Planet'! (TRAILER)

Posted by Butzbo - May 29th, 2019

Hey Newgroundsss!

Been a while since my last upload here, and it turns out I've been quite busy working on my latest short film, 'Dogs of the Planet'! Check out this little sneak peek :)

As you can see it's a trailer, which I haven't seen that many of here on NG, but I found it still fun enough to share here as a brief collection of loops. The plan is to have an eventual web release of the full short (starting here on Newgrounds!) but that will be announced once I have a defined date.

It had been quiiite a while since my last propper animated short, the last one was... wait, Lizard Brain Freeze? and that was 4-5 years ago!! These past years I have focused a bit more on exploring games, and still keeping the excercise of short animated loops. So, motivated by a short loop I made for the loopdeloop challenge last year (the same GIF you see below, made with the base theme of ...DOGS), I began to collaborate with a musician friend to finally get back into a new (at least 'medium' sized?) animation project!


This is a short about ... well, dogs, particularly dogs who find themselves in a post-human world, as you can guess, it may (or not) be as serious as it sounds ;)

There are a few coolibert updates related to other projects for a later post, BUT for now I wanted to focus on this little ball of morphing canines, I find it pretty cool to announce it here considering how Newgrounds is what got me into trying animation in the first place.




Comments (4)

e jugado tantos de tus juegos y visto tus videos
que ni sabia que eras chileno
se nota tu acento en el video del perro
y como siempre muy bien animado

Woo genial!! ahora que lo mencionas, lo del acento fue algo que barajamos al momento de grabar la canción del Moralo, y al final nos gustó bastante la idea de mantenerlo más auténtico.

I love butzbo!!!

Genuinely looking forward to watching your short film, especially as it's been 5 years since the last one!

The coincidence that you published this so recently because I was about to look up dog games (My dog died yesterday) and this showed up on my feed, I hope the film goes well.