Entry #48

Animated Trading Cards!

2017-11-30 15:42:32 by Butzbo

Lizards and Fish from Newgrounds!

Here's a little thing I've been making through the year: not too long ago I began making custom "token cards" designs for creatures  (which are mostly used as a complement on Magic: The Gathering) for the Cardamajigs store, and now a second series of ANIMATED cards are out!


I wasn't really aware that lenticular printing could allow so many frames of animation (actually a total of 8 in this case!) so it's been great to make a few things with this technology, it's pretty much some kind of GIF you can have in your hand.

If you're interested, either for your Magic battles or just to collect animation in physical form, head to the store!












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2017-11-30 16:04:09

They look beautiful, holy shit.


2017-11-30 16:07:09

Oh god, I've always wanted to do something using this medium, awesome to hear someone with a work as nice as yours got to do something like this! shipping for things like this always bum me out but fuckit, I may buy on or two of these things.

Butzbo responds:

Thanks Pegasu!, I'm really surprised with how these experiment came about, makes me wonder why these sort of things are not as common.


2017-11-30 16:42:37

Aaah these are awesome!!! Your work translates really well to animated cards.

Butzbo responds:

Now I want to try this tech on so many other things! Thanks Tom! ;)


2017-11-30 16:55:53

Yo! These look SIIIIICK! I wish I could read the rest of the journal but it's blocked by the images for some reason. They look stellar!

Butzbo responds:

Thanks Fu!, ow I guess the composition exploded a bit with the gifs, although it was only 3 paragraphs long anyway, hhahah


2017-11-30 17:20:06

Holy shit that's surprisingly well put together, i didnt think you could have animations with more than two frames on a card, best believe im gonna pick some up!

Butzbo responds:

I wasn't really sure about what to expect until I finally had the finished cards, I'm still curious about how they manage to fit that amount of frames.
Thanks man!


2017-11-30 18:17:14

These are excellent.

Butzbo responds:

Hey thanks Atomic!, hadn't seen your robot in a while!


2017-11-30 18:41:35

ohhh, that is cool!

Butzbo responds:

:D !


2017-11-30 19:50:25

aaaaah!!!! I gotta get me some elves and zombies!!!! I only thought these were digital, god these are fantastic!!!!

Butzbo responds:

Thanks Saminat!!, ow I'm yet to make an animated elf, but I guess on the next run ;)


2017-11-30 22:37:10

This is so cool! I'm totally looking into this!


2017-12-01 02:26:30


I love everything about them. Well done, yet again Butzbo!

Butzbo responds:

Heyy thanks Sab! :V


2017-12-01 04:28:54

could translate well to a super sweet business card too

Butzbo responds:

Ohh that would be awesome! even if a bit expensive


2017-12-01 07:16:10

Just bought all the animated cards! frickin sweet! XD


2017-12-01 08:03:06

Superb. Absolutely superb cards!

Butzbo responds:

Thanks Remile!!


2017-12-01 09:19:39

Man that looks amazing! :D The GIF previews on the shop don't do those holographic transformations justice! Curious about shipping costs on the cards, any idea what it's like for international customers?

Butzbo responds:

Thanks Cd!, and yeah that's a good point. About the shipping I think you'd have to check, although as I'm aware, small-regular quantities are shipped in the form of a letter-size envelope, which is generally cheaper than other kinds of packages.


2017-12-01 11:21:45

I really like your art style


2017-12-01 13:31:02

Seemed to have to go all the way to check out to get a shipping quote, so hoped asking would be a shortcut. XD But alright, I'll do that! These just might be worth it...


2017-12-01 14:35:53

Super cool! The cards really look awesome!

Butzbo responds:

Thanks Wiesi :)


2017-12-01 18:39:36

Always loved your stuff, this is so cool!

Butzbo responds:

ZOMG thanks Waterflame :D


2017-12-03 12:52:29

I would LOVE to buy t-shirts of your artwork.
Anything in the near future for that kind of market ?
Them collectible cards are dope..
Great coloring too!

Butzbo responds:

Thanks alien!
I actually hadn't thought seriously about t-shirts, but now that you mention it, I'll take a look at the store possibilities!


2018-02-16 14:22:03

those look beastly